Sunday School



The Sunday School is a well established part of the weekly worship in Christ Church. The children/young people who attend are between the ages of 9 – 18. A recent development has been an extension to the Sunday School with the establishment of a Small Church group and this caters for children of 2 – 3 years upwards.


The Sunday School/Small Church is the responsibility of the Superintendant, Mrs Valerie Kirby, who is ably assisted by a number of parishioners/parents within the Church. The children/young people go into the vestries to have their instruction and rejoin the rest of the congregation for the eucharist.


Lessons and activities are tailored by the leaders depending on the ages of the children/young people in the group. The first Sunday of every month is a family service and the children/young people stay with the congregation and prepare readings and prayers for the service. One of the young people carries the cross and they are also responsible for collecting the weekly contributions and the elements for the eucharist.


Last year the children/young people were taken on a trip to Canaston Bowl and the Chrystal Maze. Everyone had a wonderful time and the Vicar recorded the lowest score of the day!!! During the nice weather (when we get some!) the children/young people go outside in the grounds and sometimes over to the park.


As well as the Superintendant and her assistants, members of the ministry team are also involved on occasions.


A great deal of the work done by the children/young people of the Sunday School /Small Church is shown in the vestries and on the display board in Church and is a direct result of the hard work of the Vicar, Canon Dr. Patrick Thomas and all the helpers who assist with the Sunday School and Small Church. Much financial support has also been given recently by members of the Church following the sale of Christmas cards, proceeds from the mulled wine and minced pies evening and from many donations throughout the year.

The Sunday School/Small Church is a vibrant part of the weekly worship in Christ Church and children can be assured of a happy, safe place in which to begin their church lives.