One of our parishioners has written:

“Over the last few years Christ Church has played an important part in our family life. It is a place to go to pray and worship, to work through the problems of life and find the support of others, and to be part of our local community. There is a sense of fun and gentle humour, of friendship, as well as the care and support that members of the congregation give to each other.

Christ Church is truly a family oriented church. Apart from the monthly service which is led by the young people who attend, the children and young people are encouraged to participate and develop and share their talents. My two daughters love to listen to stories about Cosmo the Christ Church cat – marvellous teaching stories, where the emphasis is on story and the teaching is subtle –

but they also enjoy participating in the plays, being involved in readings and leading prayers, being members of the choir, and joining in other activities such as participating in the special band that miraculously comes together for Midnight Mass at Christmas, and helping with special exhibitions that have taken place in the church. I have been proud to see them take on responsibilities as they have grown older and become part of the church community”.