I live on a rather comfortable cushion near the piano and keep an eye on Christ Church for the Vicar.

He tells stories about me to the children from time to time (he has a rather improbable imagination).

In 2008 he published Cosmo the Christ Church Cat: 24 Stories. It contains the following remarkable adventures:

1.Cosmo’s Harvest; 2.Cosmo’s Hallowe’en; 3.Cosmo and the Communion of Saints; 4.Cosmo’s Bonfire Night; 5. Cosmo’s Christingle; 6. Cosmo’s Christmas; 7.Cosmo and the Christmas Present; 8.Cosmo’s Candlemas; 9. Cosmo and a Cheerful Lent; 10.Cosmo’s Lenten Promises; 11 Cosmo and the Patron Saint; 12.Cosmo and Saint Patrick’s Cat; 13.Cosmo and the Easter Hedgehog; 14.Doubting Cosmo; 15.Cosmo all at Sea; 16.Cosmo and the Black Book; 17.Cosmo and the New Piano; 18. Cosmo and the Magazine; 19.Cosmo and the Clawed Cushion; 20.Cosmo and the Pharisee; 21.Cosmo and Saint Matthias; 22.Cosmo and the Mystery Trip; 23.Cosmo and the Still Small Voice; 24.Cosmo and the Man from Yorkshire.

The book, which is illustrated with cheerful cartoons, received an enthusiastic write up in the Church Times diary column, and has been reprinted several times. It has been given as Christmas and Confirmation presents and used by Sunday School teachers from several denominations. Copies are still available from the PCC Secretary, Mrs Jean Long, Arfryn, Picton Place, Carmarthen SA31 3BZ, at £5 (plus £2.50 p. & p.) each. Proceeds to the Christ Church Fabric Fund.

A second collection of Cosmo the Christ Church Cat adventures will appear in time for Christmas 2011.